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What exactly is Sanitation?

Sanitation is the reduction of the level of micro-organisms by significant numbers to safe levels as established by state and federal authorities.

Sanitizer is the chemical or device that kills or inactivates the micro-organisms present in pool/spa water.

The least expensive, most effective and most widely used sanitizer available for pool/spa use is Chlorine.  Expert Pool & Spa recommends Chlorine as the sanitizer of choice for all pool and most spa installations.

Bromine and Ozone are other sanitizers which are primarily used in spas.  These systems can be used on swimming pools although they are very expensive to do so.  

Ozone gas generators are highly recommended on spas and can reduce the chemical consumption of the spa.  

Bromine is an effective sanitizer for spas, but it does have some undesirable side effects like staining, bad odor and it is only available in tablet form.

Biguanide Sanitizers (Baquacil, SoftSwim) are non-chlorine disinfectants, related to hospital antimicrobial scrubs.  Expert Pool & Spa has had significant training and experience with these types of sanitizers and would definitely NOT recommend them for any application.  They are expensive and not very effective.  The longer your pool/spa is on this type of sanitizer, the more severe the problems will develop.  Expert Pool & Spa specializes in converting pools from Biguanide back to Chlorine.

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