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"Sodium" is short for:

bulletSodium Hypochlorite
bulletLiquid Bleach

Sodium hypochlorite, frequently called liquid bleach or liquid chlorine, is not commonly used to treat pool/spas in our region.  It is sold as a relatively clear solution and at normal commercial strength has an available chlorine concentration of 10 to 15%.  (Household bleach sold at grocery stores has 5 percent available chlorine.)

Sodium hypochlorite forms hypochlorous acid instantly when added to the pool/spa.  However, sodium hypochlorite is unstable and tends to decompose through exposure to sunlight, heat, and metal contaminants.  Proper storage and handling are essential to insure product lifespan and effectiveness.  There are no manufacturing facilities in Nebraska or near by which could provide this product before it is broken down by sunlight and heat from the transportation.  This is why it is not a viable sanitizer option in Nebraska.

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