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"Trichlor" is short for the following names:

bullettrichloro-iso-cyanuric acid

"Trichlor" is a member of the "Stabilized"  isocyanurate chlorine family.  It provides chlorine to disinfect the pool/spa and, at the same time, provide cyanuric acid stabilizer to shield chlorine from decomposition by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Trichlor is produced as a tablet or stick and has a pH of 2.8 to 3.0.  Trichlor has an available chlorine content of 89-90%.  Tablets or sticks may be placed in "Chlorinators" installed on the return lines of the pool or spa plumbing downstream of the filter and heater.  Trichlor does not dissolve quickly and is designed to be slow dissolving for use specifically in chlorinators.  

Do not place tablets or sticks in the skimmer baskets or directly on the pool surface.  If you do it will damage or bleach the pool surface and can cause damage to the pool/spa pump equipment.  There is no way to regulate the feed of chlorine into the water using this method either.

Because of the naturally low pH of trichlor it is very important to maintain the pH and total alkalinity levels of the water or damage to the pool/spa will occur.

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