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Maintaining the proper pool water level is critical for proper pool operation.  The pool water level will either be too high, too low or just right.

The water level in the pool should be measured at the skimmer opening(s).  The MINIMUM water level should be at the half-way point up the skimmer opening.  If the pool is not level, the measurement should be taken at the skimmer which shows the water level the lowest.

If the water level is too high in the pool the skimmers may not be able to skim the surface of the water, allowing extra debris to sink to the bottom of the pool and make it dirty.  If the water is extremely high, water may get behind the liner on a vinyl lined pool.

If the water level is to low it can cause the pool pump to draw air into the system and make the pump loose it's prime and burn the pump out or cause other damage to the circulation system.

Expert Pool & Spa recommends adding water to the pool using the garden hose.  If your pool has a "Fresh Water Fill Line" you can use that also but it is very easy to forget that the line is adding water to the pool.  A standard water timer attached to the garden hose can be used to turn off the water after a specified period of time to prevent overfilling.  We recommend setting a timer on the oven or microwave to remind you that you are adding water to the pool.  If we add water to the pool while we are servicing your pool, we usually put the keys to our truck on the faucet so we do not leave the job and forget to turn off the water!

It is always better to have too much water in the pool than not enough.  Remember that backwashing and vacuuming the pool to waste also lower the water level and adding water to the pool BEFORE performing these tasks can help.

Factors that LOWER the water level are:

bulletSplash out by pool bathers
bulletLeaks in equipment or the structure itself
bulletHigh water temperature
bulletPool cleaner or hose spraying out of pool
bulletPool cleaner removed from pool but not disconnected from pool system

Factors that RAISE the water level are:

bulletRain and rain runoff
bulletFresh water fill line left on
bulletGarden hose left on

There are a couple of different ways to lower the water level in the pool.  They include:

bulletBackwashing the pool filter
bulletPumping water to waste
bulletUsing a submersible pump
bulletNormal evaporation

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